Product Registration

Filling out and completing the “Product Registration” Form is necessary in order to: (1) add you to our database for future support services; (2) obtain a Registration Key which will unlock the CAPN software program on your computer.  Please save your Serial Number for future reference.  Note: Fields with ( * ) are required

The CAPN program is locked to each computer. You may install the CAPN program on 3 of your computers and each one will have a different Installation ID. Use this form for each Registration Key request.

To get the Installation ID, start the CAPN program and the startup “Installation Dialog” box will appear. This dialog box will show your Installation ID and when you enter your Registration Key, the button in the lower right corner of the dialog box will change from “Continue without Registration” to “Continue to Register”. Once the Registration Key has been entered, the startup “Installation Dialog” box will no longer appear when you start the CAPN program.

If you have any issues, email [email protected] for help.