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Contacting Technical Support

First browse our website to get the answers you need. If you cannot find them, we suggest sending an email to

Support is available to registered users of versions 8.3 and newer from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Fax: 703.759.3266


Chart Loader Update

Problem: When I try to load the charts supplied with The CAPN the program gives me an error message: "Wrong DVD inserted into the selected DVD Drive! Please try again.". I have the correct DVD region inserted but the program will not recognize it.

Solution: There is an updated chart loading software which is available for free on our website (click here). We strongly recommend you install this new chart loading software and use it to install all the CAPN chart regions.


Why can't The CAPN find my GPS or AIS

Problem: The CAPN can't find my GPS or AIS?

Solution: The CAPN uses COM ports in order to collect GPS or AIS data from the GPS or AIS receiver(s). If you try to let The CAPN find your GPS/AIS and The CAPN reports that it cannot find the GPS/AIS then this is likely caused by one of three possibilities:

  1. The GPS/AIS does not have an assigned COM port by Windows.
  2. The GPS/AIS receiver is not transmitting data to the computer because:
    • The receiver is not receiving data (e.g. no GPS fix or no AIS signals being received, therefore no data is being sent to the computer for The CAPN to detect)
    • The receiver is not set up to output data to the computer (this may be caused by internal settings on the receiver)
    • The receiver is not transmitting data in the NMEA 0183 format
  3. Another software application is using the COM port assigned to the GPS/AIS

More detailed information on each of the three possibilities is available for download.


Mad Mouse Fix

Problem: My mouse cursor jumps randomly around on my screen and I cannot control it.

Solution: This is a somewhat common issue which affects many users often called "mad mouse", "magic mouse", and others names. It is not a problem caused by The CAPN, but actually Windows mistakenly reading the signals from your GPS as inputs from your mouse. There are a few different ways to correct this Windows problem. Here is one.

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